how to thread a singer sewing machine

How To Thread a Singer Sewing Machine

Have you just purchased your first Singer sewing machine and have no idea how to start? Or perhaps your old, reliable Singer stopped working properly, and you suspect it may need rethreading? Learning how to thread any sewing machine can seem complicated to begin with.

But have no fear! In this step-by-step tutorial for threading a Singer sewing machine, you’ll learn everything you need to know to thread a Singer sewing machine quickly and correctly from start to finish.

Preparing to Thread Your Singer Sewing Machine

Before you can start the actual Singer sewing machine threading process, you need to gather all the necessary supplies and familiarize yourself with the various components of your Singer sewing machine.

Compiling Threading Supplies for Your Singer

You don’t need a lot of fancy tools, but having these essential Singer sewing machine threading accessories on hand will make the job easier:

  • Thread – good quality all-purpose thread that is suited to your fabric type
  • Bobbins – make sure you have Singer-branded bobbins specifically for your model
  • Fabric scrap – helpful in testing Singer sewing machine stitches
  • Needle – check that it’s inserted correctly and is a suitable size for your fabric
  • Thread snips – tiny scissors to trim threads as needed

Understanding Parts of a Singer Sewing Machine

While all Singer sewing machine models differ somewhat, most share common Singer sewing machine parts that are important in the threading process:

  • The spool pin is the horizontal rod where the thread spool is placed
  • Thread guides direct the thread around the Singer sewing machine – follow them!
  • The tension discs control the tightness of a Singer sewing machine stitch
  • Take-up levers pull threads upward during Singer sewing machine stitching
  • The bobbin winder is used for filling Singer sewing machine bobbins with lower thread

Checking that the hand wheel turns freely ensures things internally aren’t jammed up before starting your Singer sewing machine. It’s also essential that your Singer sewing machine is powered on and ready to use!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Threading Your Singer Sewing Machine

Step-by-Step Instructions for Threading Your Singer Sewing Machine
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And now for the fun part – actually threading your Singer sewing machine! Follow these Singer sewing machine threading steps in order:

Threading the Top Thread on a Singer Sewing Machine

  1. Place thread spool on spool pin of your Singer sewing machine and secure in place with a cap or clasp.
  2. Pull the thread out from your Singer sewing machine spool and route it through the top thread guide directly above the spool.
  3. Wrap Singer sewing machine thread down and around tension guides (check the manual for directions)
  4. Thread upward through the Singer sewing machine take-up lever from right to left.
  5. Bring the Singer sewing machine thread back down through the final thread guide above the needle.

Refer to your Singer sewing machine’s specific threading diagram if you doubt threading paths!

Winding and Inserting the Bobbin on a Singer Sewing Machine

  1. Run thread from Singer sewing machine spool pin through bobbin winding tension guide
  2. Wrap the thread around the Singer sewing machine bobbin winder spindle
  3. Push the bobbin spindle to the right side of your Singer sewing machine
  4. Hold the thread tail securely as you press the Singer sewing machine foot pedal
  5. A clicking noise indicates a thoroughly wound Singer sewing machine bobbin
  6. Snip the thread and carefully remove the bobbin, then cut the excess tail
  7. Insert bobbin case into round bobbin driver in your Singer sewing machine

Ensure bobbin case drops fully into driver of your Singer sewing machine and turns clockwise freely after being inserted.

Finishing Touches for Your Singer Sewing Machine Threading

  • Set thread tension between 4-6 for lightweight fabrics on your Singer sewing machine
  • Attach the desired presser foot to your Singer sewing machine
  • Check that the Singer sewing machine presser foot lever is raised before threading each needle
  • Make sure the needle(s) on your Singer sewing machine are at the highest position

Many Singer sewing machines have automatic needle threaders – thanks to modern technology! Refer to your Singer sewing machine’s manual if in doubt about features.

Complete? Test Your Singer Sewing Machine Threading!

The real proof your Singer sewing machine is threaded correctly comes when you take it for a literal test drive!

Make sure no stray fabric or threads or your fingers are under the Singer sewing machine presser foot. Then, lower the presser foot, turn the Singer sewing machine hand wheel counterclockwise, and press the foot pedal to engage the motor.

The Singer sewing machine should smoothly feed fabric under the presser foot. If threads bunch, move erratically, or break, recheck each Singer sewing machine threading step above.

Fixing Common Singer Sewing Machine Threading Troubles

Here are some common Singer sewing machine threading mishaps and how to combat them on your machine:

Tangled Thread – Completely rethread upper and lower threads on your Singer sewing machine, ensuring all guides are correctly followed

Puckered Seams – Loosen top thread tension slightly on your Singer sewing machine

Loose Stitches – Increase top thread tension for a tighter Singer sewing machine stitch

Check your Singer sewing machine manual troubleshooting section for model-specific fixes.

Keeping Your Singer Sewing Machine Well-Threaded

Here is some general Singer sewing machine care that will assist in quick and tidy threading:

  • Use the included brush to keep your Singer sewing machine dust-free
  • Oil key points as instructed by your Singer sewing machine manual
  • Let your Singer sewing machine site open/uncovered overnight after heavy use to air out
  • Avoid any moisture exposure that could rust Singer sewing machine mechanisms

Taking good care of your Singer sewing machine means happy threading for years!


What type of thread works best for a Singer sewing machine?

We recommend an excellent all-purpose polyester thread. Avoid cheap threads, as they can cause problems.

My thread keeps breaking – Do you have any tips?

Check guides are correctly threaded; try increasing tension, using the right needle size, or switching thread brands.

How do I fix looped threads underneath?

Rethread the bobbin case. Use a Singer-branded bobbin and the case for the best performance.

What setting should my tension discs be on?

A good starting point is 4-6 for lightweight materials, then adjust according to results. Check your manual.

When should I oil my machine?

Once a month is a good rule of thumb, but oil any time the hand wheel doesn’t move freely. Use Singer branded oil.

Time to Start Singer Sewing Machine Stitching!

And that’s everything you need to know about prepping, bobbins, tension, and threading a Singer sewing machine!

Were these Singer sewing machine threading tips helpful? Got any tricks we missed? Share in the comments below!


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