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Uncover the Truth About Viral Sewing Tools Worth Your Hard-Earned Money

We’ve all seen the latest sewing gadgets blowing up online. But do they really work well, or is it all just hype? I decided to test some out for myself.

  • Tried five popular viral sewing tool products
  • Some were more useful than others
  • Honest reviews on what’s worth buying
  • Tips for choosing tools that make sewing easier

So, are these trendy sewing tools actually any good? Read on to find out!

The Fancy Scissor Sharpener

First  up, I tested a scissor sharpener that went viral for giving dull fabric scissors a new lease on life. Using this tool was pretty straightforward – I just opened and closed my old scissors while running the sharpener over the blades.

After doing this for a few minutes per the instructions, my scissors could indeed cut through fabric much more smoothly. While it took some effort, this sharpener brought my old scissors back from the dead for just $12. A handy little tool if your scissors are feeling dull.

The Seam Ripper Helper

The Seam Ripper Helper
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Next, I tried a seam ripper with a built-in catcher to collect fabric strips as you unpick seams. This looked so clever in the videos!

However, I found this ripper awkward to control. The fabric strips kept getting stuck in the catcher, making it harder to rip seams neatly. For me, a basic cheap seam ripper worked better than this $15 special one.

The Bobbin Winding Genius

One product I had high hopes for was an automatic bobbin winder. Winding bobbins is so tedious! This $25 tool promises to wind them evenly at the push of a button.

Sadly, it did not work well with my sewing machine. The bobbin winder jammed up and threw the thread off-track. Perhaps it’s better matched to certain machine models, but for me it caused more frustrated than it solved.

The Pattern Weight Lifesaver

The final product – pattern weights to keep the fabric from shifting – was an absolute gem! These affordable plastic weights with grip bottoms held my pattern pieces perfectly in place for tracing and cutting.

No more pins sliding around and distorting the shapes. I’m sold on pattern weights, which is good because at $8 for a pack they were budget-friendly too. A must-have sewing room accessory.


What are some examples of viral sewing tools?

Some popular viral sewing tools include special seam rippers, automatic bobbin winders, scissor sharpeners, and pattern weights.

Are viral sewing tools more useful or just gimmicky?

Many viral sewing tools can be gimmicky, but some, like scissor sharpeners and pattern weights, proved genuinely useful based on testing.

How do you determine if a viral sewing tool is worth buying?

Look for honest reviews that test the tool thoroughly. Consider if it solves an actual sewing pain point  in a clever way before purchasing.

What were the most disappointing viral tools tested?

The automatic bobbin winder and special seam ripper ended up being more frustrating than helpful.

How much do most viral sewing tools cost?

Many range from $8-$25, so they’re inexpensive to try out but can add up if buying multiples.

Are there any tips for using pattern weights effectively?

Yes – look for weights with grip bottoms and use enough to secure all edges of your pattern pieces smoothly.

Are Viral Sewing Tools Worth It?

Trendy new sewing tools can sometimes be more hyped than genuinely helpful. But among the misses, I did find a couple of winners, like the scissor sharpener and pattern weights that made sewing easier.

Have you tried any viral sewing gadgets yourself? Which ones were actually useful, and which did you regret buying? I’d love to hear your honest experiences!


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