how to sew pot holders

How to Sew Pot Holders: A Step-by-Step Guide

Crafting your homemade pot holders is a practical and rewarding skill. Whether outfitting your kitchen or seeking a thoughtful handmade gift, follow these simple steps to sew your durable and stylish pot holders.

  • Choose the perfect fabric and materials
  • Cut the pattern pieces
  • Prepare the fabric layers
  • Assemble the pot holder
  • Finish with binding
  • Add optional embellishments
  • Care for your handmade creation

Selecting Fabric and Materials

When choosing fabrics for your pot holders, consider heat-resistant options like cotton, linen, or quilting cotton. Select complementary colors and patterns that suit your kitchen decor. In addition to the fabric, you’ll need:

  • Batting or insulating material
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Iron and ironing board

Cutting the Pattern Pieces

Cutting the Pattern Pieces
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Use your chosen fabrics to cut two squares or rectangles of equal size for the front and back of the pot holder. The ideal size is 8-10 inches square, depending on your preference. Cut a slightly smaller batting or insulating material to fit between the fabric layers.

Preparing the Fabric Layers

Place the pieces of fabric so that their right sides face each other. Place the batting on top, then pin the layers together securely.

Assembling the Pot Holder

Using a sewing machine, stitch around the perimeter of the pot holder, leaving a 2-3 inch opening on one side. Clip the corners, then turn the pot holder right-side through the opening. Gently push out the corners using a non-sharp tool.

Finishing with Binding

Inwardly fold the raw edges of the opening and secure them with pins. Topstitch around the pot holder to close the opening and secure the layers. You could consider including a textile border surrounding the perimeter to give it a more ornamental appearance.

Embellishing (Optional)

Get creative by embellishing your pot holders with appliqués, embroidery, ribbons, or other decorative accents.

Caring for Your Pot Holders

If you want to keep your handmade pot holders in good condition, you can wash them in a washing machine with cold water and then dry them on a low heat setting. It’s best to avoid using fabric softener since it can reduce the heat resistance of the materials.

With these steps, you’ll quickly sew up beautiful and practical pot holders. Enjoy your creations in the kitchen, or give them as thoughtful gifts. Happy sewing!


What type of fabric is best for pot holders?

Cotton, linen, and quilting cotton are excellent heat-resistant fabric choices for sewing pot holders. Please find materials that can withstand excessively high temperatures.

Do I need to use batting or insulation?

Yes, including a layer of batting or other insulating material between the fabric pieces is essential for creating practical pot holders that protect your hands from hot surfaces.

How do I add decorative touches?

Get creative by embellishing your pot holders with appliqués, embroidery, ribbons, or other decorative accents. These personal touches can make your handmade pot holders genuinely unique.

Can I machine wash pot holders?

You can machine wash pot holders in cold water and tumble dry on low heat. However, it is advisable to refrain from using fabric softener, as it may decrease the materials’ heat resistance.

What size should I cut the fabric pieces?

The ideal size for pot holder fabric pieces is 8-10 inches square, though you can adjust the dimensions to suit your preferences.

Do I need a particular sewing pattern?

You don’t necessarily need a pre-made sewing pattern – the basic construction involves cutting two equal fabric pieces and sandwiching batting or insulation between them.

How do I finish the edges?

Topstitching around the perimeter is a great way to neatly finish the potholder edges. You can also add fabric binding for a decorative touch.

Can I make pot holders as gifts?

Absolutely! Homemade pot holders make practical gifts for family, friends, or housewarming celebrations.


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