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Unleash the Power of Non-Sewing Tools for Simple Sewing Hacks

You might be surprised to learn that some tools intended for other uses can actually come in really handy for sewing projects. Here are some common household items that make great non-sewing tools:

  • Paper clips
  • Rubber bands
  • Chopsticks
  • Pizza cutter wheel
  • Old toothbrush
  • Sponge
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Duct tape

Pretty neat, right? Read on to learn more about how you can use these simple tools to work on different sewing tasks. What clever non-sewing tool ideas do you already use?

Paper Clips – The Tiny Multi-Taskers

When is a paper clip not just for holding papers together? When it becomes a mini tool for sewing! These little metal clips can:

  • Secure pattern pieces to the fabric before cutting
  • Hold seam allowances together when basting
  • Easily turn the fabric tube inside
  • Help feed thin strips through tight spaces

Who knew paper clips could be so handy for sewing? Just unfold the inner wire a bit for gripping the fabric. Always have some clips nearby when sewing.

Give Rubber Bands New Life

Instead of throwing out old rubber bands, put them to use with your sewing! These stretchy loops make great:

  • Thread chains to prevent tangling
  • Temporary closures on fabric bags or cases
  • Markers on your machine for stitch length
  • Bands to hold fabric bundles or quilt binding

Rubber bands are ideal for many temporary holding and bundling needs. Just be sure not to leave them on fabric too long to avoid making dents or marks.

Chopsticks – Long Reaching Sewing Aids

Chopsticks intended for eating make surprisingly useful tools when you sew. These long, narrow sticks allow you to:

  • Easily push out tight corners from the inside
  • Turn long tubes or sleeves right-side out
  • Poke out bunched lining at ends of bags
  • Even out tiny gathers or ruffles

Keeping an old set of chopsticks on hand gives you an inexpensive aid to reach  into areas that fingers can’t. Just take care not to split or scratch wooden chopsticks.

Pizza Cutter – A Sharp Cutting Blade

Pizza Cutter - A Sharp Cutting Blade
Photo credit: pexels

For fast, precise cutting of patterns or fabric put an old pizza wheel to work! The sharp rolling blade can quickly:

  • Slice through multiple pattern papers at once
  • Trim away loose threads or clean up seams
  • Cut batting, felt, or other thick materials
  • Make decorative waves or shapes in fabric

Just be cautious not to cut yourself on the exposed blade. Pizza cutters give you an easy-grip handle for control, too.

Brushes, Sponges, and Cardboard – Clever Cleaning Tools

Cleaning up is part of any sewing project. Here are some household items perfect for the job:

  • Old toothbrush to brush away lint or dust
  • Sponge for gently cleaning machine surfaces
  • Empty toilet paper roll for storing messy threads

These simple tools help keep your sewing area neat and tidy without any special equipment. They’re probably already in your bathroom!

Duct Tape – The Fix-Everything Tape

No sewing room is complete without a roll of trusty duct tape! This incredibly sticky and strong tape can:

  • Temporarily repair machine accessories or presser feet
  • Hold pattern pieces together in a quick bundle
  • Mark measurements right on your machine
  • Even patch tears or holes in some fabrics!

Duct tape is the ultimate fix-it tool. Just be cautious when using it on delicate materials, as it can leave sticky residues behind when removed.


What are some common non-sewing tools that can be used for sewing?

Paper clips, rubber bands, chopsticks, pizza cutter, old toothbrush, sponge, empty toilet paper roll, and duct tape.

How can a paper clip be used for sewing?

Paper clips can secure pattern pieces, hold seam allowances, turn fabric tubes inside out, and feed thin fabric strips through tight spaces.

What are some clever uses for rubber bands in sewing?

Rubber bands make great thread chains, temporary closures, stitch-length markers, and holders for fabric bundles or quilt binding.

Can a pizza cutter be used for cutting fabric?

Yes, the sharp rolling blade of an old pizza cutter can quickly cut through fabric, batting, felt and even make decorative shapes.

How can an empty toilet paper roll help with sewing?

An empty toilet paper roll can neatly store messy threads and loose fabric scraps to keep your sewing area tidy.

What household item can temporarily fix sewing machine accessories?

Duct tape! Its stickiness and strength allow it to temporarily repair accessories like presser feet until proper replacements are available.

Get Creative with Common Items

As you can see, many basic household tools can come in handy when sewing –  you just need to get a bit creative! Always keep an eye out for new ways to use simple items you already have at home.

What non-sewing tools do you like using for your sewing projects? There are tons of clever hacks to make your sewing time more efficient and fun.


Photo credit: pexels

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