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Effortlessly Sew a Striking Father-Son Bowtie Set

Want to create a special matching look for Dad and his little man? This easy tutorial will show you how to sew a stylish set of bowties – one adult size and one baby size. Here are the key points we’ll cover:

  • Simple materials needed to get started
  • Step-by-step instructions for sewing the bowties
  • Tips for adjusting the size from dad to baby
  • Ideas for using fun, coordinating fabric patterns

Keep reading to learn how to make this heartwarming father-son accessory!

Gather Your Supplies

Let’s start by rounding up the basic materials you’ll need for this project. The list is short and sweet:

  • 1/2 yard of patterned cotton fabric for each bowtie
  • 1/4 yard of solid cotton fabric for each bowtie’s lining
  • Sewing machine and thread to match fabrics
  • Basic sewing kit – scissors, pins, etc.

That’s it! Once you have those simple supplies, you’re ready to start sewing.

Cutting the Fabric Pieces

Next, we’ll cut out the fabric pieces for the bowtie fronts, backs, and neck bands. Here are the dimensions to use:

For the dad’s bowtie:

  • Cut one 4″ x 16″ strip from patterned fabric for the front
  • Cut one 3″ x 16″ strip from solid fabric for the back
  • Cut one 2″ x 18″ strip for the neckband

For the baby’s bowtie:

  • Cut one 2.5″ x 10″ strip from patterned fabric
  • Cut one 2″ x 10″ strip from a solid fabric
  • Cut one 1.5″ x 12″ strip for the neckband

Having these properly sized pieces will make assembling the bowties a breeze.

Sewing the Bowtie Fronts

Sewing the Bowtie Fronts
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Now, let’s start sewing! Take the patterned fabric strips for the bowtie fronts.

For the dad’s bowtie:

  1. Take the 4″ x 16″ strip and fold it in half lengthwise, making sure the printed sides are facing inwards.
  2. Sew along the raw long edge using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Leave the short ends open.
  3. Turn the tube right-side out and press flat.

For the baby’s bowtie:

  1. Fold the 2.5″ x 10″ strip in the same way, right sides together. Press.
  2. Sew along the long edge with a 1/4″ seam, leaving the ends open.
  3. Turn the right side out and press flat.

Assembling the Bowties

With the fronts sewn, we can assemble the complete bowties. Here’s how:

For the dad’s bowtie:

  • Pin the 3″ x 16″ solid back piece to the patterned front and right sides together.
  • Sew around the four edges, leaving a small 2 inch gap on one side. Make sure to use a 1/4 inch seam allowance. The little opening will allow you to turn the fabric on the right side out.
  • Turn the bowtie right side out through the opening and press flat.
  • Hand stitch the opening closed.
  • Make a simple knot in the middle and wrap the 2″ x 18″ neck band around, securing it with hand stitches.

For the babies: Follow the same steps using the smaller back piece and neckband. Adjust seam allowances as needed for the petite size.

Personalizing with Fabric

One of the best parts of this project is choosing coordinating yet distinct fabric patterns for the dad and baby bowties. You could:

  • Use solids or prints in complementing colour palettes
  • Pick theme fabrics like plaid/gingham for dad and a fun kiddie print for baby
  • Make them perfectly matched with the same pattern
  • Or get creative with any fabric combinations you love!

Finishing Touches

Give your handmade father-son bowties some final finishing touches:

  • Press the bowties flat and neat
  • Trim any loose threads
  • Add a tag or label if desired
  • Consider making a matching fabric box or pouch for gifting

And that’s it – you’ve just created an adorably coordinated bowtie set!


What materials do I need to sew a father-son bowtie set?

You’ll need 1/2 yard of patterned cotton fabric and 1/4 yard of solid cotton fabric for each bowtie, plus a sewing machine, matching thread, scissors, pins, and basic sewing supplies.

How do I adjust the bowtie sizes from adult to baby?

The tutorial provides dimensions for cutting the fabric pieces for both an adult-sized bowtie and a baby-sized bowtie. Simply follow the measurements given for the size you need.

Can I use different fabric patterns for the father and son bowties?

Absolutely! Using complementing yet distinct fabric patterns is a great way to personalize the bowties. The tutorial suggests some fun fabric pairing ideas.

How long does it take to make the bowties?

Once you have your materials, each bowtie should take 30-60 minutes to sew, depending on your experience level.

Is prior sewing experience required for this project?

While basic sewing skills are needed, this is a beginner-friendly project. The instructions are very straightforward.


This bowtie tutorial is the perfect simple sewing project for making a heartwarming father-son look. The instructions make it easy to adjust the sizes and use any fabric patterns that suit your style. So grab your sewing supplies and spend some quality time crafting these meaningful accessories.

What better way to celebrate the special guy in your life and his mini-me? Happy sewing!


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