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Effortlessly Sew a Breathtaking Linen Dress for Summer

Summer is coming, and sewing your own linen dress is a fun way to stay cool. This article shows you how to make a breezy linen dress that’s perfect for hot days. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Choose linen fabric in a pretty color or pattern
  • Download the free dress pattern and print it out
  • Cut out the pattern pieces from the fabric
  • Sew the dress together by following the instructions

Ready to get started? Let’s get sewing!

Why Make a Linen Dress?

Linen is a great fabric choice for summer dresses because it is lightweight and breathable. The fabric helps airflow around your body so you don’t get too hot.

Linen dresses are also very stylish. The simple, flowy shape looks relaxed yet put together. You can dress up a linen dress with jewelry and sandals or keep it casual with flats.

Making your own dress is cheaper than buying one at a store. Plus, you can customize the fit exactly how you want!

Choosing Linen Fabric

Choosing Linen Fabric
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When shopping for linen, look for a medium-weight fabric that isn’t too sheer or too heavy. The fabric should feel soft and drapey, not scratchy.

Solid color linens are classic, but you can also find pretty printed linens. Look for small, delicate patterns like tiny florals or gingham checks.

Buy a little extra fabric than the pattern calls for in case you make any mistakes. Linen doesn’t fray too much, so you won’t need tons of extra.

Printing the Dress Pattern

This dress pattern is made up of just a few pattern pieces that are easy to put together:

  • Front bodice piece
  • Back bodice piece
  • Front skirt piece
  • Back skirt piece

Download the pattern file from the link above. Print out each page on a 100% scale without any resizing.

Trim off the excess margins around each pattern piece. Then tape or glue the pieces together following the instruction page.

Once assembled, you’re ready to cut out the fabric using the pattern!

Sewing the Linen Dress

Lay out the fabric in a single layer on a flat surface. Place each pattern piece on the fabric, following the layout diagrams.

Use Pattern weights or books to hold the pieces in place. Then, carefully cut out each piece with fabric shears.

Next, transfer any markings from the pattern pieces to the fabric using chalk or a fabric pen. This includes notches, dots, and other symbols.

With all the pieces cut out, it’s time to start sewing! Follow the step-by-step instructions in the pattern to:

  • Sew the bodice pieces together
  • Attach the skirt pieces
  • Insert the zipper or side seams
  • Finish the neckline, armholes, and hem

Go slowly, check each step, and you’ll have a darling linen dress before you know it!


What type of linen fabric should I use for a summer dress?

Look for a medium-weight, breathable linen that drapes nicely. Avoid fabrics that are too sheer or heavy.

How much fabric do I need to make a linen dress?

Check the pattern’s yardage requirements. Buy a little extra linen fabric to account for potential mistakes.

Can I wash a handmade linen dress?

Yes, linen is a washable fabric. Follow the care instructions, and consider air drying to prevent shrinking.

What notions are required to sew this dress?

You’ll need a zipper or closures, thread, scissors, pins, and chalk/fabric marker.

How do I pick the right pattern size for my measurements?

Use your bust, waist, and hip measurements to determine the correct pattern size. Make adjustments as needed.

Can I add sleeves or other design details to the linen dress?

Absolutely! Get creative with sleeve lengths, pockets, trim, or other personalized touches.

Wearing Your New Dress

Once your linen dress is all sewn up, give it a final press with an iron. This will ensure crisp seams and a polished look.

You can wear your new dress on its own in warm weather. For cooler days, pair it with a lightweight cardigan or denim jacket.

Accessorize with sandals, flats, or low wedges. Sunglasses, a floppy hat, and some dainty jewelry can also complete the summery look.

Enjoy wearing your handmade linen dress all season long! How else will you style this versatile piece?


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