sewing kylie jenner dress recreation

Unleash Your Inner Fashionista: Sewing Kylie Jenner’s Dress Recreation

I remade one of Kylie Jenner’s dresses from scratch. It looked fabulous when finished!

  • I looked at pictures of the real dress carefully
  • I chose the right fabrics and materials
  • I followed sewing patterns and instructions step-by-step
  • It took a lot of time and effort
  • But I’m really happy with how it turned out!

It was a fun challenge to make this celebrity-inspired outfit. Want to see how I did it?

Getting Started

The first step was finding good pictures of Kylie’s dress from lots of  angles. I studied the details like fabric, color, design, and shape.

Next, I went shopping for materials. The dress had sequins, so I bought sequin fabric. It also looked silk, so I got silk, too. Matching colors was important.

Once I had supplies, I searched for sewing patterns that looked similar to Kylie’s dress design. I chose one and laid out my plan.

The Sewing Process

The Sewing Process
Photo credit: freepik

This project took many steps and a lot of patience! Here’s a quick look at what I did:

  • Cut out the fabric pieces following the pattern guides
  • Sewed the basic shape of the dress together first
  • Added the sequin design on top based on pictures
  • Slip-stitched the silk lining inside the dress
  • Finished with hemming, adding a zipper, and final touches

Some parts were easy, like the basic stitching. But the sequins were super hard! My fingers got sore from placing each one.


I ran into some issues along the way too. A few times, I had to rip stitches out and resew sections that didn’t look right. The silk was delicate and ripped a few times, too.

When struggles happened, I didn’t get frustrated. I just took a break, then tried again slowly and carefully. Rushing would have ruined it.

In the end, working through the problems made me appreciate the final look even more!

The Finished Look

After so much effort, my version of Kylie’s dress turned out beautifully! Of course, it’s not 100% exactly the same as the real one. But I captured the overall essence.

The sequins sparkle under the light. The silk flows and drapes gracefully. And the fit is perfect for my body shape.

I felt proud – and a bit famous! – when wearing this recreation out. Lots of friends complimented my handiwork too.


How long did it take to sew the dress?

It was a multi-step process that took many hours over several days. Patience and persistence were key!

What was the most challenging part?

Applying all the individual sequins was extremely tedious and tough on the fingers. But it gave the dress its signature sparkle.

Can beginners try remaking celeb dresses too?

While this project had some advanced techniques, beginners can start with simpler celeb outfit remakes to build skills.

What sewing patterns were used?

I found commercial patterns with a similar shape and neckline to Kylie’s dress, then modified the details.

How did you match the fabric colors exactly?

I brought photo references with me to ensure getting silk and sequins in the precise shade of red.

Was it expensive to make?

The materials like silk and sequins can get pricey, but it’s cheaper than buying the genuine designer version!


Remaking celeb outfits through sewing is challenging but fun. This Kylie Jenner dress project pushed my skills in design, patterning, and advanced techniques.

I learned a ton through hands-on practice. Making tough parts work took creativity. And patience paid off in achieving a glamorous final result!

Could you pull off recreating a red carpet look too? It’s a rewarding experience for skilled sewers. Give it a try if you dare!


Main image: freepik

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