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The Sewing Tools I Regretfully Wasted Money On

Some sewing tools seem really useful when you first get them, but they end up being a waste of money. In this article, we’ll look at five sewing tools that I regret purchasing.

  • An awl that was supposed to make holes easily but broke quickly
  • Expensive scissors that didn’t cut fabric well
  • A seam ripper with a weird handle that was hard to use
  • A pin cushion that didn’t hold pins tightly
  • Thread snips that got dull super fast

Have you ever bought a sewing tool that didn’t work out? Read on to learn from my mistakes.

The Awl That Broke Way Too Soon

An awl is a small tool used for poking holes in fabric or leather. I bought one hoping it would make starting seams easier. Unfortunately, the metal tip bent and broke after just a few uses. For the price, I expected it to last much longer.

The Overpriced Sewing Scissors

The Overpriced Sewing Scissors
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 Nice sewing scissors can be expensive. I splurged on a fancy pair, thinking they’d be super sharp and cut any fabric easily. But the blades actually seemed duller than my cheaper scissors! They struggled to cut through multiple layers of fabric or anything thicker like denim. It’s not worth the high cost at all.

The Weird Seam Ripper Handle

 Seam rippers are used to unpick stitches and seams. I found one with an ergonomic handle advertised as being easy to grip. But the strange shape actually made it harder to use than a standard ripper! The thick handle kept slipping out of my hand. Maybe it works for others, but it wasn’t for me.

The Pin Cushion That Didn’t Hold Pins

Good Pin CushionProblem Pin Cushion

Grips pins tightly Pins kept falling out

Smooth surface Rough texture

Heavy base Lightweight and toppled over

I made this table comparing my old trusty pin cushion to the new one I bought. As you can see, the new rough-textured one could barely hold pins in place. Pins would get stuck but then fall right back out. Pretty  useless for a pin cushion!

Thread Snips That Quickly Became Dull

 Investing in a good pair of thread snips seemed smart for quickly trimming threads while sewing. But the ones I chose didn’t stay sharp for long at all. After just a couple of months of use, they couldn’t cut threads cleanly anymore. Such a disappointment for something advertised as lasting.


What are some sewing tools to avoid buying?

The article covers five disappointing sewing tools: an awl that broke quickly, expensive but dull scissors, a weirdly shaped seam ripper, a pin cushion that didn’t hold pins, and thread snips that became dull fast.

Why did the author regret buying those sewing tools?

The tools didn’t live up to expectations and ended up being a waste of money. They broke easily, didn’t work well, or had poor design despite being advertised as great products.

What should you consider before buying new sewing tools?

Do thorough research by reading reviews and checking product details. Don’t impulse buy based on marketing claims alone. Quality tools may cost more upfront but save money in the long term.

What’s one sewing tool the author can’t live without?

The article doesn’t specify, but it ends by asking readers what their essential sewing tool is.

Did the author provide any tips for avoiding regrettable tool purchases?

Yes, the conclusion recommends doing more research and learning from mistakes before buying hyped-up new sewing gadgets.


 Those are five sewing tools I  really regretted wasting money on. Have you had any similar experiences with tools that didn’t live up to expectations? It’s so frustrating when something advertised as great ends up being a dud.

The next time I’m tempted by a new sewing gadget, I’ll definitely do more research first. Hopefully, by learning from my mistakes, you can avoid some regrettable tool purchases of your own! What’s one sewing tool you can’t live without?


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