how to hem curtains without sewing

How to Hem Curtains Without Sewing

Creating the perfect curtain length doesn’t require masterful sewing skills. With a clever no-sew method, you can quickly achieve a crisp, custom hem on your window dressings!

To start hemming curtains without sewing, you’ll need just a few simple supplies: an iron and ironing board, sharp fabric scissors or a rotary cutter, iron-on adhesive hem tape, straight pins or clips, and a ruler or measuring tape.

  • Take measurements for the preferred length and indicate it with pins.
  • Lay the curtain flat, folding the excess fabric up
  • Apply adhesive hem tape along the folded edge
  • Iron firmly following the tape’s instructions
  • Trim any remaining fabric below the new hem

Why struggle with threading a needle when you can easily update your curtains? Skip the sewing and let your windows shine!

The Simplicity of a No-Sew Hem

Hemming curtains is often seen as an uphill task reserved for sewing experts. But with modern adhesives, even sewing novices can master this home decor upgrade in minutes. No special equipment or skills are required!

The true beauty of this method lies in its simplicity and versatility. Whether you’ve purchased new curtain panels or are recycling thrifted drapes, the no-sew hem creates a flawless, finished look on any fabric.

Quick Customization at Your Fingertips

Quick Customization at Your Fingertips
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Using iron-on hem tape opens up a world of creative possibilities, too. Decorative patterns and colors can instantly elevate plain curtains into an eye-catching accent piece. You can even alternate tape styles along the hem for a trendy, high-end look.

And if you ever change your mind about the length, simply unpick the old hem and start again. This flexible technique allows you to tweak curtains precisely to your desired aesthetic.

Getting the Length Just Right

Of course, achieving the perfect curtain hem starts with accurate measurements. But don’t get bogged down measuring every single window.

Establish a few fundamental guidelines:

  • For a modern, crisp look, hem panels about 1/2″ above the floor
  • Go slightly longer for a relaxed, casual vibe
  • Consider hanging height and window trim when measuring

With a few quick adjustments, those basic curtain panels instantly feel custom-tailored. No sewing machine is required!

From Short to Stunning

Don’t let less-than-ideal store-bought lengths stop you from framing those windows flawlessly. The no-sew hem makes it easy to resize even the shortest curtains into stunning statement pieces.

Rescuing Too-Short Curtains

We’ve all been there – those “living room” curtains that barely graze the windowsill once hung. Instead of relegating them to the donation pile, resize them to sheer perfection with this handy no-sew method.

Simply fold under the excess length and apply adhesive tape and iron to create a fresh, tailored hem that is your ideal size. Those too-short panels are transformed into elegant, floor-sweeping drapes.

Elongating Sheers & Lightweight Fabrics

Delicate sheers and lightweight curtains pose a particular challenge when hemming with traditional sewing. But iron-on tape adheres beautifully to even the most gossamer materials without causing unsightly puckers.

This makes extending the length of diaphanous curtains simple and create an airy, pooled effect on the floor. You can accentuate those delicate sheers with simple tweaks instead of struggling with fussy fabric.

Updating Curtain Panels with Ease

Along with altering lengths, the no-sew hem is fantastic for a quick curtain refresh. Revamp dated or damaged panels without the commitment of sewing.

If the original hem is fraying or damaged, simply unpick a few inches and continue the hem using iron-on adhesive tape. You’d never know there was a patch behind those freshly-hemmed folds.

Hanging new curtains only to realize they’re too long is frustrating. But with this no-sew hack, you can immediately tailor them to perfection. That’s a decor update win!


What type of fabric works best?

The no-sew hem is ideal for most curtain fabrics, including cotton, linen, polyester, sheer, and lightweight materials. Avoid extra-thick or slippery fabrics like silk.

How do I remove wrinkles from the hemmed area?

After ironing on the tape, lay the curtain flat and place a damp pressing cloth over the newly-hemmed section. Run a hot iron over the fabric to relax the fibers and remove creases.

Will the hem tape be yellow over time?

High-quality adhesive tapes designed for hemming are less likely to discolor. However, it’s best to test first or use a colored/patterned tape to camouflage any yellowing.

Can I hem the curtains from the top instead?

Absolutely! While most choose to hem from the bottom, this technique works equally well for shortening curtains from the top edge. Adjust measurements accordingly.


Save time struggling with sagging or overly long curtains. This foolproof, no-sew hem makes customizing curtains easier than ever before! What window makeover will you tackle first?


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