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Effortlessly Make Shirt Collar Pattern: A Seamless DIY Guide

Are you looking to sew your own shirt collar? It’s easier than you think with this simple method that uses just one pattern piece. Let’s get started!

  • Learn how to make a basic shirt collar pattern
  • Create two different collar styles from the same pattern
  • No advanced skills required – beginner-friendly tutorial
  • All you need is a ruler, pencil, and some paper

Interested? Keep reading to find out more!

What is a Shirt Collar?

A shirt collar is the part that goes around your neck. It frames your face and adds a nice finished look to any shirt or blouse. The collar pattern is one of the most important pattern pieces when making a button-up shirt.

The One-Piece Collar Pattern Method

The One-Piece Collar Pattern Method
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Normally, shirt collar patterns have multiple pieces that need to be sewn together. But with this easy method, you only need to cut out one pattern piece to make the entire collar!

What You Need

Here’s what you’ll need to draft your own one-piece collar pattern:

  • Pattern paper or similar
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Measurements (neck circumference and desired collar height)

Drafting the Collar Pattern

Step 1: Using your ruler, draw a rectangle on the pattern paper. The length should be your neck measurement plus 1 inch. The height is your desired collar height (usually 1-3 inches).

Step 2: At each end of the rectangle, draw a short line going outwards at a slight angle. This will create the collar points.

Step 3: Connect the angled lines using a curved line. This forms the collar shape.

Step 4: Add notches or markings to help when sewing the pieces together later.

Making a Flat or Curved Collar

The great thing about this method is you can use the same pattern piece to create two different collar styles:

Flat Collar: Sew the pattern piece together as is for a basic flat collar.

Curved Collar: Add some shaping by steaming or pressing the sewn collar piece over a curved surface like a ham.

Sewing the Collar

Once you’ve cut your collar from fabric using the pattern, it’s time to assemble! The steps are easy:

  1. Sew the short ends together
  2. Press the seam open
  3. Understitch the collar if desired
  4. Attach the collar to your shirt neckline


What materials do I need to make a shirt collar pattern?

To draft your own shirt collar pattern, you’ll need pattern paper or similar, a ruler, a pencil, and your neck measurement plus the desired collar height.

How do I turn the pattern into a curved collar style?

With this one-piece method, you can create a curved collar by gently steaming or pressing the sewn collar piece over a curved surface like a tailor’s ham.

Can beginners follow this collar pattern tutorial?

Yes, this collar pattern tutorial is very beginner-friendly! It uses straightforward steps and requires no advanced sewing skills.

In Conclusion

See, making a shirt collar pattern doesn’t have to be difficult! With this simple one-piece method, you can easily create two different styles of collars for any shirt or blouse. Give it a try – it’s a great way to take your sewing skills up a notch.

What other shirt-sewing tips would you like to learn about? Let me know in the comments!


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