how to make a blanket without sewing

Cuddle Up! Cozy No-Sew Blanket Crafting for Beginners

Snuggling up with a cozy handmade blanket is one of life’s simple pleasures. But what if you lack sewing skills? No worries! Discover these effortless no-sew techniques for crafting warm and inviting blankets.

  • Cut and tie fleece edges into fringe
  • Braid or weave fabric strips together
  • Join fabric with fusible web bonding
  • Crochet or knit with chunky yarn
  • Upcycle old clothes and fabric scraps

Ready to get started on your next cuddle-worthy creation? Let’s explore the possibilities!

Tie Fleece Blankets Using the Fringe Knot Method

One of the most accessible no-sew blanket options, the tie fleece technique, yields incredibly soft and warm results. You only need two coordinating pieces of fleece fabric cut to your desired size.

Choosing and Prepping the Fleece

Opt for high-quality anti-pill fleece in complementary solid colors or prints for optimal coziness. Pre-wash the fabric to prevent future shrinkage. Then, lay the two pieces with the right sides facing and trim the edges to align perfectly.

Tying the Fringed Edges

Use a rotary cutter, ruler, and self-healing mat to cut a 4-6-inch fringe along all four sides of the layered fleece. Be sure not to cut through all the way – leave an inch uncut at the edges.

Starting at any corner, tie corresponding fringe strips from the top and bottom layers into secure double knots, spacing them about 6-8 inches apart. Consider playful balloon knots for a whimsical touch on a child’s blanket.

Braiding or Weaving Fabric Strips

Braiding or Weaving Fabric Strips
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If you have basic braiding or weaving skills, transform fabric strips into eye-catching no-sew blankets. Braid long strips for a chunky cable knit look, or weave them over and under for decorative patterns.

Choosing Fabric for Braiding or Weaving

The beauty of this method is its versatility – you can create truly unique blankets by combining different fabric types and colors. Cotton, fleece, flannel, and jersey knits work beautifully when cut into 2-3 yard long strips about 3-5 inches wide.

Creating Braided or Woven Blankets

Simply gather and loosely braid your fabric strips together for braided blankets, tying the ends tightly. For woven designs, lay out one set of parallel strips, then weave a second set perpendicularly over and under the first.

Secure the woven strips by sewing the ends with a straight machine stitch or finishing with seam binding. Get creative with patterns and fabric mixes!

Using Fusible Web for No-Sew Blankets

The fusible adhesive bonding web is another handy no-sew tool for blanket makers. This iron-on double-sided webbing essentially “quilts” two fabric layers together when heat is applied.

First, cut out decorative fabric pieces or pre-made quilt blocks in your desired pattern. Layer them between two pieces of batting or fleece backing, then secure them by ironing on the fusible webbing per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Finish the edges with pinking shears or decorative fringed rotary cuts for extra durability. Now you’ve got a vibrant handmade quilt without ever threading a needle!

Knitting or Crocheting Chunky Blankets

Don’t overlook the satisfaction of crocheting or knitting your own cozy throw blanket! Use super bulky yarn and big needles or hooks to work up plush, warm designs in practically no time.

Search for free patterns featuring simple stitches like garter, basket weave or seed. Or get experimental and create your own stitch patterns and color combinations. Decorative edgings and fringes add lovely finishing touches.

Upcycling T-Shirts and Other Fabrics

Finally, give new life to old t-shirts, sheets, curtains, and clothing by repurposing them into snuggly no-sew blankets. Cut or tear the fabric into strips, then tie, braid, weave, or knot the strips together.

This casual rag blanket style has a vintage, homespun charm that is perfect for dorm rooms or cottages. Let your creativity shine by incorporating sentimental articles of clothing or cherished fabric scraps.


What’s the fastest no-sew blanket method?

For sheer speed, you can’t beat the tie fleece blanket technique. Simply cut fringed edges and knot the layers together.

How do I finish the edges of no-sew blankets?

Try fringing the edges with pinking shears, binding with seam tape or ribbon, crocheting decorative borders, or leaving artfully fringed edges.

Can I make no-sew blankets for babies?

Absolutely! Stick to soft, washable fabrics and avoid choking hazards like loops or detachable pieces. The tie fleece method yields wonderfully cuddly baby blankets.

Are no-sew blankets as durable as sewn ones?

While sewn blankets may have a slight edge in longevity, no-sew options can certainly stand up to years of washing and loving when well-constructed. Choose high-quality fabrics and secure attachments.


Want to snuggle up with a unique handmade blanket ASAP? What’s your favorite no-sew technique from this article? There are endless possibilities for crafting budget-friendly wraps without picking up a needle and thread! Share your cuddly creations in the comments.


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